Academic Doodle Planner

Academic Doodle Planner
Available on June 3rd at 2pm EST.

A note from Team Shop AmandaRachLee:
In light of this week’s heartbreaking events, we have decided to postpone the Academic Doodle Planner launch that was originally supposed to be on May 30th.  Our team was excited about this launch and wanted Lil Doodles to be as well. But it is hard to be excited knowing what is happening this week. As a POC-owned company, we stand in solidarity with the Black community and our black customers. In honour of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement, Shop AmandaRachLee has made a donation to Race Forward and Black Visions Collective. We encourage anyone who is able to donate to do so as well.  Please find a list of places to donate and petitions you can sign HERE.

Finally, a portion of every Academic Doodle Planner sale will be donated to Black-led organizations that provide equity and opportunity for Black people in education.

Thanks, Team Shop AmandaRachLee